Random acts of design and technique, 2008-2021

Red-breasted Sunfish, 2008, 3' x 4'
Balance/Ballast, 2011, Dissertation rug, 2' x 3'
Red Rocks Postcard, 2021, 3' x 4'
My mom always said..., 2019, 2' x 1'
Chocorua Monochrome, 2021, 12" x 12"
Celtic Triptych closeup, 2020
Celtic Triptych, 2020, 3 panels, 4' x 2' each
Celtic Triptych closeup
Deerfield Embroidery Style, 2019, Inspired by a linen embroidery piece on exhibit at Winterthur, 2' x 1'
Paris postcard, 2018, 4' x 3'
Homage to the hand-carved wooden entrance gate, 2012, Thuya Garden, Northeast Harbor ME, 4.5' x 3.5'

Mount Desert Island, Maine, 2008

This 3D, topographical map of Mount Desert Island, Maine was created by sculpting the wool loops in varying heights and density. Colors distinguish freshwater ponds from ocean waters. Variegation in color also helped to define the mountains. Note the highest summits signified by the ‘pink granite’ that is characteristic of these peaks.

Antique rug, repaired 2018

Little was known about rug when I set out to repair it. I tested a few strips of the fibers to learn more about how to proceed. This "burn test" told me the fibers were a mix of cotton batting, polyester, and wool. I trimmed the unsalvageable edge, removed a few loops to expose enough backing to fold under and secure the new edge. This meant losing a half-inch at one end of the rug. The holes in the center were reinforced with new linen backing that was sewn in place and hooked with materials saved from the end and a few strips I had on hand.